About Us


"Organization of Fruit and Vegetables"

In 1951 Crex (Irrigators Cooperative Extremadura) was founded, originally located in Merida. After tough times, and following a period of crisis, was established in Valdivia in 1985. There were many challenges initially, but after a great effort and despite all the difficulties in the sector, the brand finally established itself.

Yet it was not until the 90s when it began its growth and development into a modern center immersed in a continuous process of change, adaptation, and modernization of its facilities and operations to meet the demands of large European retail chains, who are the main customers of our company.

Crex’s great growth in recent years led to the cooperative to head a major project: the birth of Naturcrex S.L. in May 2004 In September of that very same year, the new creation earned recognition as a producer organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.



To provide our customers with healthy, quality, fresh fruit, according to your specifications and deadlines. Produced with the highest respect for the environment  and making our partners’ holdings profitable.


To be a company able to supply the best varieties, with the highest quality and the best service to our customers, in order to earn their trust. To maintain a high rate of employment to further contribute to the development of our region and a higher rate of social responsibility.


Transparency and honesty with our partners. Quality and compliance with our customers. Quality and professional development with our employees. Employment, value, and respect for the environment and society.

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